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What Is Etherea-MX® Laser Technology and what can it do for me?

ETHEREA-MX® is the next generation of laser and light-based platform technology. Offering multiple applications in one system, ETHEREA-MX® is capable of effectively providing a comprehensive suite of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Developed and designed with the knowledge and expertise acquired over years of experience in the aesthetic market, the ETHEREA-MX® benefits from a combination of proven technology and a robust design, ensuring maximum up-time and effective results.

Vydence (Creator of the Etherea-MX® Laser Technology)

Here at Synergy Aesthetics we have rejuvenation treatments for pretty much every body.

Why trust the Etherea-MX?

It’s the #1 Multi-use platform in one of the largest Aesthetic global markets.

They’ve been in use since 2009, and have a large global install base. Etherea has performed countless procedures over these last 10 years, and with this success and experience they have transformed the Etherea platform into one of the most recognized and versatile systems on the market today.

It’s a single platform that can conduct over 70+ different services.

Etherea-MX definitely aims to please, meeting physicians and patients’ specific needs, and offers a wide range of aesthetic and clinical treatment indications.

Get maximum versatility with multiple handpieces and multiple options.

Not only are they the most complete IPL technology on the market, with 5 different wave lengths available, the Etherea-MX comes with additional handpieces with a broad selection on wavelengths and spot sizes.

Built for advanced optical precision and safety.

With optimized lensing, all lasers have come with improved beam quality. This allows for optimal control of energy penetration, and the formation of residual thermal damage, which greatly increases procedure safety.


Contraindications for Laser / IPL Treatments

You cannot be pregnant or breast feeding.

We will not treat any one under the age of 18 without parental & doctors permission.

Systemic and immunodeficiency disorders.

History of Heart Problems, Pacemaker or Arrhythmia

History of Coagulopathic Bleeding

History of poor Scar formation

Uncontrolled Hormonal disorders.

Tanned skin

Ongoing use of Vit A or K

Photosensitive or allergic to sunlight

Use of Photosensitizing medications one month prior to procedure

Epilepsy or derived /related disorders

Use of Ibuprofen, Aspirin or anticoagulants two weeks prior to procedure

Use of Alcohol 48 hours before procedure

Uncontrolled Diabetes


Complimentary Treatment Consultation.
What is a Consultation? It is a confidential discussion with one of our trained & highly qualified team members who will listen to your skincare or anti-aging concerns. We will assess your areas of concern & advise you of all of your treatment options. Together, we will determine what your course of treatment may look like, in order to make your journey successful & meet your skincare goals. We will provide you with a detailed quote, as well as assess & determine your supporting skin care regime. We want you to ask questions & to feel that they have been answered. We want you to be excited & feel comfortable with your treatment decisions moving forward. 
Single Treatments & Packages available for your individual needs. Quotes provided at Consultation.

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